Monday, 23 November 2015

Otago Math Certificate

This is a Otago math certificate.Otago math is a thing where you solve diffrent math problems around 5 times a year.This was a fun experience and I would kinda like to do again next year.

Friday, 20 November 2015

T4 W6

On a sunny but also cloudy Wednesday, Rm 29 had to go to bike skillz. After the morning tea bell rang, Rm 29 lined up outside our classroom and we headed towards the field.From a kinda long distance I saw Kelly getting ready and Satali just standing there waiting for us.

When we got there Satali we said hi and then we got to get our helmets on. I choose a medium one but I had trouble putting it on so Satali helped me.Next we got to get our bikes. We got the bikes and I got a grey bike.I had to share with Annika and it was surprisingly high! I got it lowered and it felt more comfortable.

Kelly told us that the people that was still push and gliding had to go with Satali (which included Tanielle,Paige and I.)Then I had to share a bike with Tanielle and the bike was blue and it fell really comfortable.

We took our bikes over to Satali and she told us that we could just push and glide and stuff.
She took Paige and clutched the bike while Paige peddled. I went on the blue bike and started pushing and gliding.We could only push and glide till the jacket and then we turned.I saw Paige riding for like 2 seconds.

Then I had to give the bike over to Tanielle. Satali took her for a ride. While I waited I talked to Paige and she was trying to ride but she did for (again) a couple of seconds. Then she started to ride by herself!!
Paige then unbalanced but it was actually shocking.

Then it was my turn. Satali took me around and then she let go but I rode the bike for like 1 second and then lost my balance. She told me to keep pedalling and to not stop.She took Paige around and I saw her slowly let go and the next second Paige was riding by herself!! The other people that knew how to ride started clapping.

Then we pushed and glided for a while and then it was time to go.We took our helmets off and we put it back in the correct bag.We said thank you to Kelly and Satali and we walked off the field.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Te Tuhi Art


My Reflection
I was learning to make a collage.I found this easy because i have made collages before. My next step is to make it look realistic.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ways People Speak

                                               My Reflection
I was learning to identify the different meanings of words other than said.I found this easy because I know heaps of words instead of said.My next step is to understand all of the meanings.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

 Term 4 Week 5
Last Friday it was Fantastic Friday! After the lunch bell I quickly walked towards Room 18.I had to do Vintage Games. The people that was doing Vintage Games had to wait outside of Rm 18 for a while until the teachers were ready.

Finally we got let in the classroom and we had to sit down on the mat. They told us we would have a selection, Elastics, Long rope,Bump and Four Square. I got in a group with Charlotte ,Eliani Damien and  we choose Elastics. We went outside and we got our elastics thingy and started to play elastics.

The highest we got was from Eliani and she got up to the waist. Charlotte got up to the waist but she told us to but the elastic a bit lower.I got up to the knees because it was a bit hard to do the doggy tail bit.Damien got up to the knees as well.

Then I went to go with another group with Damien and Artemis. That time I got up to the waist but I couldn't jump that high.Damien and Artemis got up to the knees. It was actually not that hard.

I saw the people that were filming for next week for the assembly to show what we did in Vintage Games.
After that we had to sit on the grass and talk with the teachers.Then the teachers asked how it was and then they told us we could go back to our class.

Math Skillz- Ratios

                                                         My Reflection
I was learning to know what Ratios are and what to do with them in math.I found this easy because I watched videos and looked at websites and I understood what ratios are.My next step is to do activities including ratios.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Narrative Writing- Little Red Riding Hood And Evil Cinderella

Characters: Granny,Evil Cinderella,Little Red,Little Red's Mom,Woodcutter.
Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red.Her Granny wanted her to visit so that day she decided to go visit her. Her Mother reminded her that there was a woman that was really pretty and seemed nice  but was actually a witch!
“Stay on the path!”called her mother.
“Remember stranger danger!!”she added said the worried mother.
She walked out of the house cautiously as she headed towards the woods, which was where her granny’s house was.If I did bump into the evil woman, I’ll try just ignore her she thought.Meanwhile Cinderella realized she was hungry.She decided to follow the little girl that was walking in the woods and maybe chomp her all up.
Little Red was skipping on the path when she saw a bunch of roses. Maybe Granny would like them she thought.She went off the path and skipped over t the roses, pulled the bunch of roses.
"Hello what are you doing child?"
The voice startled Little Red. She turned around an saw this pretty lady with big innocent blue eyes, her voice was high and chirpy, her dress was sky blue, her skin looked as soft cushion.
"I am going to visit my Granny" Little red declared.
"Where does your Granny live darling" The woman questioned.
"She lives in a little cottage just a couple kilometers away" the child replied.
"Well have a nice day" The woman said and disappeared in the woods.
Well that was strange little red thought.Eh she thought and headed towards her Granny's house.
Hiya! What was that little red thought as she ran over to her Granny's house.
"Granny are you alright? What happened?" little red questioned.
This woman over here tried to eat me up so I karate kicked her in the face!
Little Red looked at the woman on the ground unconscious.
"Granny this is the lady I was talking to in the mysterious woods!" the child exclaimed.
"Well why did she come here?"the old lady queried.
"I just told her that I was going to visit you and I told her about where you lived!" she replied
"WHY?" the elderly woman cried.
"I didn't think it was important and plus she seemed really innocent"she spoke.
"Just go home dear and tell your mother that I am fine" Granny asked.
Then Little red skipped home and lived happily ever after.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Thumbelina Language Features

                                                           My Reflection
I was learning to identify all the adjectives,adverbs and similes in the fairy tale, Thumbelina. I found this easy because I knew what to find and what to do. My next step is to work on Language Features.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Determining Credibility

                                                                My Reflection
I was learning to decide either if the website was good or bad.I found this easy because the questions were not that hard.My next step is to do that for all websites.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Narrative Writing -Little Red Riding Hood

                                                          My Reflection
I was learning to recognize the structure of a fairy tale/narrative.  I found this easy because I had a group of seven to work with.  My next step is to learn and do more activities with narratives.