Friday, 18 March 2016

My Kennings Poem

Room 20 Reading Challenge

1.A Collection Of Short Stories- Crime Files Shadow Of Doubt
2.A Book Where The Main Character Is The Opposite Gender From You- Percy Jackson And The Battle Of The Labyrinth
3.A Book From A Series-Nancy Drew Bad Times Big Crimes
4.A Book With Non- Human Characters- Dragonbreath
5.A Book By Your Favorite Author That You Haven't Read Yet- Little Stars
6.A Book Recommended By A Librarian- Holes
7.A Book With A One Word Title- Wonder
8.Reread A Favorite Story- Ruby Redfort Catch Your Death
9.A Book Recommended By A Friend- Dork Diaries Tales From A Not-So Dorky Drama Queen
10.A Book With A Number In The Title- Code Name Zero
11. A non-fiction story- Ruby Redfort's Survival Guide 
12. A book recommended by a teacher- The famous five- five fall into adventure!
13. A book that has won an award- Monkey Boy
14. A book that has a colour in the title- Emily Rhoda the golden door.
15. A book set in the future- James Patterson- The Angel Experiment.

Term 1 Week 7

                                    Term 1 Week 7
Over the last week in Room 20 in writing we have been learning to write a explanation.  We wrote the explanation kinda based on the story we are reading called The Whale Rider.  Some people wrote Why Females Are Always At The Back In The Maori Culture, Why Men Are Always At The Front, Gender Roles In Maori Culture etc. But they were all based on the same sort of idea.  I wrote Why Females Are Always At The Back and I just wrote the reasons. If you do wonder then it is because the males want to protect the females and because they want to respect the females.

On Thursdays we have a Maori lesson and we get taught some sentences.  We have been learning to ask this:

"Ko wai ahau?" said ____
"Ko ____ ahau" said ____
"Ko ____ tenei" said____
"Ko____  tena" said____

Which really just means this is english.
"Who are you?" said ____
"I am ____ " said ____
"This is____ " said____
"That is ____" said ____

This week we have been learning some feelings.  Here are some below:

Happy= Harikoa
Tired= Hiamoe
Sad= Pouri
Angry= Riri
Good= Pai
Excited= Hiamo
Bored= Hoha
Scared= Hopi
Cold= Makariri

We also learnt this:
Kei te pehea koe?
How are you?
Kei te ____ ahau.
I am_______

Term 1 Week 5

                                                          Term 1 Week 5

Over the few weeks at school room 20 did something called Cryptarithms in Math.  It is an activity where there is like a code that are some letters sort of thing that replaces numbers and you have to think what the numbers are.  If there are two letters the same it means that the numbers are the same.  Its a activity where you have to use your brain and see the pattern.  I find Cryptarithims 'fun' because I like problem solving problems. Here is a cryptarithm  problem:

  +  A
=  BA

Room 20 also did Youthtown. Youthtown is a group of people that we do play games and do PE with them.  They come every week and play fun games and do PE with us.  This week we played an came they made up.  How to play: there are cones in the middle 

some stacked, you line up in a group that have a colour.  There is two sides with four teams. Girls one side guys on another.  The person in the front of the line gets a tennis ball and tries to throw at a cone opposite their team colour.  If all of your colours cone get knocked out, then you get a point.  The point is bad then usually.
I found this 'fun' because I liked PE.

We also did some Venn Diagrams  about some characters in the book the Whale Rider. The characters were Nanny Flowers , Koro Apriana and myself. You had to compare them all together.  A Venn Diagram is a few circles where you basically like compare them together. I liked this activity because I found it easy because I could connect with the characters. 

Explanation Writing- Why Females Have To Stand In The Back

                                                              My Reflection
I was learning to write a explanation of why females are always at the back because in the Maori culture there are different gender roles.  I found this easy because I had a "good" plan and a whole lot of information and because I had written an explanation before . My next step is to write a different explanation?

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Identifying Bias

                                                                My Reflection
I was learning to identify bias in a chapter in a book called The Whale Rider.  I found this easy because last year we did something called Author Bias which is kinda similar. My next step is to find where there is biased in a different part of The Whale Rider.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Whale Rider Venn Diagram

My Reflection
I was learning to make a Venn Diagram so we could compare the characters Nanny Flowers and Koro Apirana in the book the Whale Rider. You had to compare them with yourself so we used Venn Diagram.  I found this kind of easy because I could somehow relate to them.  My next step is to relate to different characters in different stories.

Peer Mediation Video


                                                                       My Reflection
I was learning to the Peer Mediation Process.  It can be challenging because we don't know what the other person might say.  This can help us solve our problems in class when we are working in groups or  with a partner.  Learning the script properly makes it easier to use and help us what to say in the video.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What Is Room 20 Favourite Animal

                                                          Analysing My Graph          

  • 2 peoples favourite animals are a Monkey.
  • None voted for bird, snake, zebra, panda, insect, lion.
  • Others were : Emperor Tamarin, Grey Wolf and Wolf.

My Reflection

I was learning to display data in a organised digital graph.  I found this easy because I had done this before and I remember how to.  My next step is to ask questions so I can collect data.