Monday, 14 November 2016

T4 W6- Diary Post

 T3 W6 
Diary Post

Over the last 5 busy weeks since the beginning of term 4, Room 20 have actually done quite a lot of things in our learning. We've had our new student teacher, our biospheres in Inquiry, our fun brain breaks, all sorts of things. 

One of my highlights was the book we were reading with our student teacher, Miss Terry. She picked out a book called Between Two Ends. It was about a courageous young boy, who wishes to go inside a book to rescue a girl named Shari, to make his father proud. Shari had been stuck in Collfield's 1001 Arabian Nights book for 20 years. Between Two Ends was interesting but sometimes a bit confusing.

Another of my highlights were making our Biospheres for Inquiry. We were learning about what would happen if earth became uninhabitable.  We had to plan our areas, plan on how we get oxygen, food, water etc. We got lots of milk boxes and that was our structure for our biospheres. Then we had a whole school day to ourselves to decorate the boxes inside for the Inquiry Showcase. We had to paint the insides, make the boxes stick together.
We got a lot of help from our teachers but the project overall was a success! 

Another highlight we did with Miss Terry was the narrative writing we did. We had to choose a part/chapter of the book, Between Two Ends. Then you had to choose a character that's not the main character and write from their perspective. This is quite fun and interesting because even though most of the plot is the same, it's fun writing from another character's eyes. For example their is a minor character in the story named Khan. Khan is a giant leopard with green eyes, but because he isn't mention that much in the story you can make up lots of parts.

The last and probably final highlight was Swimming. On Friday we usually play water netball. I like normal netball but water netball is just more fun. We split into two teams, the teacher usually yell out something that applies to you. Example: If you have brown hair. If it does apply to you then you have to swim out/run out, grab the ball. Then your other teammates come along and you try pass the ball over. The hoops are just black tires people hold up. It's fun but sometimes annoying because the ball is all wet and slippery.

Overall the last five weeks are busy, fun but a bit interesting too.  But I don't think it's gonna be that busy compared to the end of the year things we have to do.  

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